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Hitachi Powdered Metals

Hitachi Chemical

HITASOL, electroconductive Graphite coatings or raw fine Graphite powders for such coatings are widely used for various applications such as electronic parts or ones which need electroconductive films.

Graphite paste for printed wiring boards (jumper, key contact)

  • Forms highly-adhesive and low-resistance conductive films by screen printing.
  • Allows circuit wiring to a higher density, reduces power consumption and thinner thickness of coating film.

Graphite paint for condenser electrodes (tantalum condenser electrodes)

  • Forms low-resistance electroconductive films by dipping coating.
  • Allows low equivalent series resistance and stable electrostatic capacitance (good frequency characteristics).

Graphite paste for fluorescent lamps

  • Forms low-resistance electrodes with a stable shape by screen printing.
  • Improves luminance and reduces power consumption.

General-purpose electroconductive paint

  • Various types of paint to form low-resistance and highly-adhesive films are available.
  • In addition to paints, fine graphite powders for blending electroconductive paints are available.

General-purpose electroconductive paint