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Technical Report(2007)
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Line of Products Compacted using the CNC Press

Using the CNC press, near-net or net shape compacting of products with complex shapes, which had been difficult to compact with conventional presses, has become possible.
In conventional compacting, ingenuity had been applied to die operation using tool set. However, with CNC technology, die operation is controlled by a computer, simplifying powder transfer in the die.
Because it is possible to compact parts with complex shapes in a form closer to the finished product with CNC press, machining can be reduced. Considering this and other benefits, increased application of the CNC press is expected in the future.


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Recent Trends in Heat Resistant/Wear Resistant Sintered Alloys(PDF format) (opens new window)
Hideaki Kawata, Kunio Maki
3 (830kbytes)

Research Report

Research Report
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Research on Structure of Compacting Die for Reducing Ejection Force of Green Compact
Yoshimi Sugaya
12 (555kbytes)
Features of Heat Resistant/Wear-Resistant Material EW-50
Hideaki Kawata
21 (1123kbytes)
Development of Bronze Bearing for High Load Conditions
Takeshi Yanase
28 (282kbytes)
Development of Fe-Si-based Sintered Magnetic Cores with High Magnetic Flux Density and High Permeability
Aya Hamano, Dr. Chio Ishihara, Dr. Kazuo Asaka
33 (386kbytes)
Development of V-P-Based Low-Temperature Glass Sealing Technology Conforming to RoHS Directive
Shinichi Tachizono, Kei Yoshimura, Yuichi Sawai
38 (408kbytes)
Modeling of Powder Compaction Process and Severity Factor of Compaction
Katsuhiko Ueda, Terufumi Machida
45 (721kbytes)


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Examples of Compaction by CNC Press(PDF format) (opens new window)
Tomoaki Arakawa, Tadao Masuda
55 (502kbytes)
Construction of Silent Chain Sprocket Production Line(PDF format) (opens new window)
Kazuo Iwasaki
62 (249kbytes)

New Products

New Products
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